A “MathLapse” (ML) is a new educational and artistic format, which is supposed to highlight the link between mathematics and real-world phenomena. The name MathLapse is inspired by the timelapse-technique in physics: By re-scaling time, phenomena that we cannot observe with the naked eye are visualized.

A ML is short, simple, self-contained and creative and should illustrate a single mathematical idea through true or virtual animated images. The content of a ML is diverse. For example, it can be a geometric animation or a time-lapse video that comes with mathematical equations and/or concise explanations.

MathLapse competition (deadline June 14th): Everybody is invited to submit a MathLapse on the IMAGINARY platform. The jury will review all submissions and give prizes to the best MathLapses.
A first MathLapse-Festival will be organized at the IC16, where the winners will be announced and their MathLapse movies will be screened. It is not necessary to participate at the IC16 conference.

!New! All MathLapses submitted to the competition can be found on the IMAGINARY webpage.


What should a MathLapse look like?

  • CONTENT: a ML consists of an animated visual part (“background”) possibly illustrated with equations, further graphics or/and written explanations (“foreground”).
  • ONE SHOT: As a general rule it is a “one take only” animation, i.e. a single ML is expected (no changing background takes or cut scenes). Exceptionally several ML can be combined provided continuous and relevant transitions.
  • FORMAT: The format 16:9 is recommended with a minimum resolution of 1920 x 1080.
  • LENGTH: The duration of the ML should make sense. We recommend a few minutes maximum.
  • AUDIO: A ML can have a sound track (music, sound effects, …), however no voice-over/commenting is permitted.
  • COPYRIGHT:  All the contents (images, musics, …) must be free of rights. The ML shall be licensed under an open license, i.e. creative commons license.


How to submit your MathLapse

  1. publish your film on a video hosting platform (YouTube, vimeo …). The title of your ML should contain the word “MathLapse”
  2. register at the IMAGINARY platform
  3. go to add film
  4. add the web link and a small description of the film

Math Lapse Prize Jury

  • Robert Bosch artist, author and professor of mathematics at Oberlin College, Ohio, USA
  • Ekaterina Eremenko mathematician and movie maker (colors of maths), Germany
  • James Grime mathematician and maths communicator, United Kingdom
  • Wolfgang Haberl convenor of the European Science Film Festival, Austria
  • Guillaume Jouvet Researcher at ETH Zurich, chair of Math Lapse Prize Jury, Switzerland

The deadline for submission is June 14th, 2016.


MathLapse Examples